Mentally Fighting

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WHEN I was mentally fighting self-sabotage, self-defeat, and stinking thinking, regarding a business transaction, this is what I wrote down:

  • God is strategic

  • God is all-knowing

  • God is moving

  • God is faithful

  • God is a light in the darkness

  • God is cheering me on

  • God is my helper

  • God is covering me with His Grace

  • God is working all things together for good

  • God is using my experiences for His Glory

  • God is protecting me from evil

  • God will not let me fail

  • God is keeping me

  • No weapons formed against me shall prosper.

  • I am still on the right track.

God you are my God, and in you, I will continue to be fruitful and multiply. I will bounce back. I will not be moved and I will not be shaken. I will rest and I will trust. God is trustworthy. Thank you Jesus God you see me and God you are encouraging me. Thank you!


The Lord came through and turned it around immediately! Thank you Lord for allowing me to feast on Your Word. I am FULL!!

Vessel of Grace: How do you allow God to fight for you when you are in a mental struggle? How do you experience victory?

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