Give Me That Jesus Name

Let’s talk about it. Are you flowing in your God-given assignment through your business?

Let’s talk about a few scenarios.

Example 1: Myles needs to stay a little longer on a call to pray with a client through a trying time. Problem: Myles didn’t setup a buffer on his calendar and he has several new client leads scheduled back-to-back after this client... "oh God no, not now", he thinks! So, he ends up rushing through the moment where Kingdom business is more important. Result: Myles was not free, not flexible, and not flowing. He missed a moment, to really focus on putting God's Kingdom first. Is this you?

Example 2: Amber planned to send an email every week to her subscribers, she batched and shared the content with her virtual assistant, who scheduled each email to send at the beginning of the month for the whole month. Amber is feeling great, although she senses the Holy Spirit leading her in a different direction at what seems like the very last minute. Problem: Amber didn’t have a process in place to review all upcoming content before it went out the following week, so she’s struggling with being obedient and making the shift, because she’ll need to spend additional resources; or she thinks she can do it herself but she’s not familiar with the tool used so now she’s stressed out. She wants to be obedient but.... Result: Amber is not free, not flexible, and not flowing. Is this you?

Example 3: Lisa is an insurance agent and she’s great at connecting with people. The anointing on her life draws people in and allows her to be a witness for Christ. People ask her for resources to help them all the time. Her love for Christ is evident but her business processes are inconsistent and confusing. Problem: Lisa doesn’t have a tool to manage the insurance intake sessions. She forgets appointments, she sends people the wrong information, she can’t track what needs to be completed and often misses deadlines. Lisa is stressed and overwhelmed. Result: Lisa is not free, not flexible, and not flowing. Is this you?

Each of these individuals have thriving businesses but they are barely maintaining, due to the lack of structure in their business. When they should be able to focus on Kingdom work first, the lack of streamlined and executable standard operating procedures, keeps them from operating in a spirit of excellence. God's grace is there to cover many times, thankfully, but each person genuinely wants to be free, flexible, and flowing in life and business.

Concluding Thoughts:

When you understand your business system, it allows you to be free, flexible and flow in life and in business. So, the question is, are you free, flexible, and flowing in life and business? You can be with an understanding of your business system and strategy, and we're here to help! As a part of our God-given assignments, we are helping Kingdom Driven Visionaries streamline and execute their God-given assignments so they can be free, flexible, and flowing in life and in business. One way we are led to do this is by offering a virtual co-working community. Launching June 29, 2021, we will be opening our Virtual CO-Working Community to Kingdom Driven Visionaries. Those who have opted-in to receive emails from us will be the first to know about how to sign up and join this community. You can opt-in to receive emails from us now by going to . We look forward to connecting with you soon as we are all led to do so!


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