Broken Beauty

Rarely do we ever want to present ourselves as not having it together... I mean we must always present ourselves as having ALL the answers, ALL the best strategies, ALL the best content, ALL the best fashion, ALL the best whatever. Right? WRONG.

The reality is there is no such thing as having it ALL together! It just isn't.

We get better at what we focus on, but that just leaves room for other areas to need our attention eventually.

Then enters grace.

Give yourself grace. We will not be able to do ALL things well, but one thing we can ALways do is love.

Yep, love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, mind and soul and love thy neighbor as thyself.

So for the perfectionists, find and embrace the beauty in brokenness, because there’s no such thing as perfect people, but thankfully the love of a perfect God.

Thank you Jesus for your great sacrifice for us. Thank you for helping us each and every day to see your beauty despite our brokenness.

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