Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a contract?

Yes, there is an agreement that we both adhere to, to ensure that we have an excellent working relationship.

2. Is there a minimum contract length?

No, but it is recommended in order for you to get the most out of working with a virtual assistant and to see results, that you commit for at least 3 months. Also, please note, if you cancel a monthly service and then need to rebook a monthly service, you'll be subject to the current monthly rates.

3. How will I share my private information (like passwords) with you?

Good news for Done-With-You services! Your passwords stay with you! Our virtual sessions are in real-time and hands on, so there's no need for you to share your login credentials with me. For Done-For-You services, I use a password vault. Yay for security!

4. How will I discuss and explain the tasks I need completed?

For Done-With-You services, when you schedule your session, you will identify the tasks you need completed and we will work on those tasks in real-time together. For Done-For-You services, we will discuss tasks during scheduled appointments and via email or project management tool.

5. What if I need help with something that is not listed in your services?

I am passionate about meeting needs, therefore, my services are customizable. Just ask and I'll let you know whether or not I can help you.

6. What if I need you to use a tool or site that you’re not familiar with?

No problem! As long as you're okay with me taking some time to familiarize myself with them as we work together, I’ll be more than happy to learn.

7. What if I need more work done but I’ve used up all of my virtual sessions for the month?

You can request to purchase additional sessions for the remainder of the month as long as I have the availability. If you think this will be recurring, we can discuss the possibility of upgrading your package.

8. How do you track your time?

I use a built in time tracker to track time. The timer starts when the virtual session starts.

9. How do you accept payments?

I accept debit/credit and ACH/E-Checks/Bank Transfer payments. 

10. Is there a refund policy?

No refunds are issued due to the remote nature of the work I do.

11. Do you have a referral program?

Yes I do! Visit Referral Program to learn more. 

12. Are you a believer in Jesus Christ? 

Yes I am! I love Jesus and begin calls and meetings in prayer in Jesus name. Clients can opt-out verbally or in writing.

13. Are your fees negotiable? 

No. As an independent contractor, I choose not to negotiate service fees.

14. What are Virtual Screen Sharing Sessions and how long are they?

Virtual Screen Sharing Sessions is a Done-With-You service for those who want an experienced tech virtual assistant to work with them, so they are not having to figure it all out solo. Together we literally work on what you need in real-time and GET. IT. DONE! Virtual sessions are 60 minutes in length.

15. What can you help me with?

I offer both Done-For-You and Done-With-You services. If you're willing to work collaboratively and learn together, I can help you with almost anything back office tech related. If you're still not sure if I can help, feel free to send a message via the chat box or email me at: info@agentsofgrace.org and I'll respond as quickly as I can.

16. I have worked with you before but I need to work with you again. How do I book you for another service?

Awesome! Schedule a Grace Now! Consultation at: gracenow.agentsofgrace.org 

>>> Details about tools used are subject to change in an effort to continue serving Clients with excellence. Check back often, I am always seeking to keep this page updated with the most recent information.

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