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"Be Brave Woman of God.

Move With Purpose. 

Be Bold Sis.

Be Both a Hearer and a Doer."


Virtual Coworking

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Business Mission

Our business is to help you do BIG things - setup tech tools, organize your business processes, show up consistently, complete projects, and follow through on tasks all for the glory of God.

Ministry Mission

Our ministry is to help you if you are struggling to stay grounded in faith, stand on the word of God and follow through on what you've heard God speak.

If you've heard God speak but you haven't moved yet because of

("_____________")* you've come to the right place.


*Fill in the blank with what is stopping you and then move forward.

It's time for you to take the next steps: 

Step #1 - Surrender

Step #2 - Repent

Step #3 - Give Thanks

Step #4 - Connect

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Get Connected. Don't Build Alone.

Join Our Virtual Coworking Community!

Because it's time to EXECUTE what you've heard God speak:

When you need:

  • A place to consistently work on completing projects

  • Your business projects completed in 3 months or less

  • A collaborative working environment with like-minded business owners

  • An engaging and creative learning space

  • 1:1 support setting up your business tools or executing projects

  • Direct access to specialists for setting up business tools

  • Diverse feedback on business tool setup and project workflows

  • Individualized business tool setup or project management plan

  • A deeper understanding of what a business system is

You should join us!

And you'll have access to:

  • 24 - 90-minute Coworking Sessions Each Quarter (value of $3,960)

  • 1, 1:1 Collaborative Partner Mapping Session (value of $175)

  • Project Management Portal (value of $99)

  • Project Feedback and Implementation Support (value of $350)

  • Access to Collaborative Partner Specialists (value of $1860)

  • Engaging Mobile Community (value of $99)

  • Opportunity to be gifted a Mini Grant (value of $1,000)

  • Monthly Community Events (value of $500)

  • Coworking membership badges (value of $10)


Total Value of $8,053 all for only $297/quarter (program runs on a quarterly basis)


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a project-based coworking community?

A collaborative environment designed to help you complete a project in 3 months or less with a group of like-minded business owners.


Can I meet 1:1 with a Collaborative Partner for both a business tool setup and project management plan each quarter?

No. Each quarter it is important to focus on one thing being we have 3 months to complete it. Therefore, you will have the option to meet for a business tool setup plan or a project management plan. One or the other. You cannot, at this time, do both.


How long do coworking sessions last?

For 12 weeks, we meet one-time a week, at two different times (AM & PM) to accommodate everyone's schedule. Each individual coworking session lasts 90 minutes.


Is there a limit to the number of Quarterly Coworking sessions I can attend?

No, there are no limits. You can attend every quarter it is ran. Enrollment is open on a quarterly basis.


What is an individualized business tool setup plan?

An opportunity for you to meet 1:1 with a Collaborative Partner to discuss your business tool needs and map out a plan to set up your tools within 3 months or less.


How will I be successful in this community?

Success is when we hear God speak, do what He says to do, then rest, all while trusting God with the outcome. Another definition of Success is showing up and following through on what you said you would do while enjoying the process. 


What is an individualized project management plan?

An opportunity for you to meet 1:1 with a Collaborative Partner to discuss your project needs and map out a plan to complete your project within 3 months or less.


What happens immediately after I join?

That's important to know right! Be sure to check your email (inbox and spam) to stay in the know and learn what's next.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us HERE or start registration HERE

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